Allison Paladino, one of the freshest faces on the scene today, is as well known for her exquisite residential and commercial interiors, award-winning licensed products and art as she is for her fun-loving, outgoing personality that brings clients from around the globe to work with her. More often then not, these clients become close friends of Allison and her team.









What are the key influences in your work today?

I absolutely love French Art Deco, the work of renowned designers George Nakashima and Thomas Pheasant, and nothing ignites my passion like a smiling client experiencing their completed installation.


What is the most satisfying thing about your work?

Traveling to different places in the world for inspiration! I'm so lucky to work in a field where there is so much creativity! Most importantly, Nothing is more satisfying than a client who walks through the door thinking: "I'm home."


What is the soul of your brand? What drives your beliefs?

The philosophy of our team focuses on providing clients with a successful journey through the design process. Our goal is for the entire experience of creating a home should be fun and above all enjoyable.









Who Is Allison Paladino?

"I archive anything and everything I discover in my travels and draw inspiration from this veritable treasure trove of memories."

"Nothing is more satisfying than a client who walks through the door thinking: "I'm home."

What is the one thing your clients would be shocked to know about you?

My spirit for travel has led me down cobbled streets in Europe; brought me face-to-face with exotic animals, even diving with great white sharks!

"Jumping from my dock onto my ULI paddbleboard and up the Loxahatchee River is a great workout and stress reliever. Communicating with nature is so relaxing!"

"It's all about the balancing act."

When the economy hit bottom in 2008 and I had to lay off 6 employees and close my shop on Worth Avenue, I turned my main focus solely to my interior design business. 


I found relaxation in sketching and soon formulated my first licensed furniture collection with EJ Victor. I also have a popular lighting line with Fine Art Lamps based in Miami, Florida. Most recently I am launching an outdoor furniture line in September called SAIL with Century, which was inspired by my travels on my sailboat.  Coming soon in early 2020 is a hand-tufted custom rug collection with Perennials.


See more about my product lines on the Collections Page.