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Our Process

Step 1: Getting Into Your Head

The initial meeting with the client is really about initiating a relationship, as we are about to embark on a creative and collaborative journey together! Based on this philosophy we're delighted to report, that many of our clients become lifelong friends.


We want to know about each client's personality and preferences. We start by listening to what each client is trying to achieve to determine the scope of the job and set a design direction. Our role is to bring your dream to life with a sense of aesthetics that meshes with yours. In order to achieve this vision, our initial meeting will include the following topics:

  • Style desired

  • Preferred and disliked colors

  • Wood tones

  • Time frame

  • Budget

  • Review API portfolio

  • Review client's magazine clippings

  • Review with client existing plans and the functions of each room

  • Review sample set of our drawings

  • Previous experience with an interior designer vs. decorator


If your project includes construction:

  • We can introduce/recommend other professionals

  • New construction or areas to be renovated

  • Scope of the project

  • Copy of existing plans

  • Materials to be used

  • Budget