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Our Process

Step 2: Presentation of Ideas

We will compose a complete design presentation of furniture and fabrics with the following (allow a minimum of 2 months for our preparation):


  • Furniture plans for entire residence as appropriate. There will be more than one option for the client to review.

  • Minimum of three fabric schemes per room. All fabrics will be priced and on reserve to insure availability.

  • Minimum of three furniture alternatives per each piece on the furniture plan. The furniture will be presented on picture pages with dimensions, pricing and availability.

  • Area rug/wall-to-wall carpet suggestions

  • Window treatment ideas.

  • Elevations of particular walls as appropriate to help the client envision the room.


Please note: The client will be entitled to one revision of a limited number of the above. In the rare instance where the revision is rejected, the client will pay an additional hourly fee.