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Our Process

Step 4: Project Tracking

All orders will be tracked and a status report sent to the client monthly so the client knows status of orders at all times. The furniture will be received and stored in a local warehouse until all items are received or the residence is complete. The client will have an account set up directly with the warehouse and have an escrow of funds available for incoming items. We will review all monthly statements. The escrow minimums will be determined jointly depending on the stage of the project.


We oversee all vendors and all shipments and track each step against our master schedule. All items will be inspected by the warehouse, and our staff will double-check each one as received to guarentee quality control. We inspect for 100% accuracy of the order - colors, fabrics, wood tones, style numbers - - and inspect thoroughly for any sign of damage.


Our mission is that the client never has to be concerned with any aspect of the job logistics and item delivery.