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Our Process

Step 5: Choreograph Installation

We take command on every aspect of installation, making certain that the client is in no way burdened by the multiple components and vendors that may be part of the install.


We choreograph the timing of each vendor - painters, carpet installers, wall finishing, window treatments, furniture delivery, picture hanging, etc. to make certain that the most efficient progression of functions is followed, with the least disturbance to the client's daily lifestyle. Every aspect of the installation is handled precisely and meticulously. We insist that all installers wear shoe covers to protect your floor and carpets, and white gloves to avoid scratches or stains.


We perform the installation without the owner present, as we manage every last detail from the best placement of electrical cords to organizing art and accessories on bookshelves. When we've signed off on all the minutia - then, and only then, are we ready for the client walkthrough.